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This weekend we used our days of, grabbed our tent and travelled to the small fishermen village Cabo Polonio, ca. 40km northern from La Paloma. Cabo Polonio is a natural reservoir directly at the Atlantic ocean, it has around 100 inhabitants, which are either fishermen, hippies or people who work in hospitality. Besides the inhabitants, there are more or less 1000 tourists who arrives daily to visit the village and the beautiful beaches nearby.

To reach the place you need to pay for an offroad truck which brings you 15km from the last street through the dunes to the centre of the village. The problem with that is, that camping is strictly forbidden in the whole reservoir, so they will take away all your camping equipment and store it for a fee of 30 pesos uruguayos per day (a little less than 1€) until you pick it up again. Because of that we decided to take the second and a little more uncomfortable way to reach the village. We hitchhiked to Valizas, the next town in the north and walked 7km through the dunes and the beach. We can´t really recommend that to anyone, especially if you carry a lot of luggage. Usually its extremely windy, super hot, you have high dunes on the way and you need to cross a river without bridge. But if you are on a small budget its a good way to save the 600 pesos (almost 20€) for a night in a hostel.

street art street art

The village itself is quiet small and during the day there is not much to see, except of the amazing beaches and some people who sell handcrafted things. If you're lucky you might see the sea lions who live at the surrounding beaches. The magic of the place starts at night, because its not connected to the power net, only the lighthouse is supported by energy. So when it gets dark the people put candles in the streets, their houses and start to do bonfires everywhere, which creates a really nice and cozy atmosphere. The most amazing thing is the starry sky, there is almost no pollution because you cant go there with your own car and the houses with electricity are powered by solar or wind energy.

There is a big shop and a smaller one which is a little cheaper, so we bought some wine and spent a really nice evening at the beach. The most people recommended us to camp a bit outside of the village so we wont have any problems with the hostels or inhabitants. The problem is that its quiet hard to orientate at night without any lights, but in the end we found a really good spot behind some rocks with ocean view.

The next day, after breakfast in the tent, we went to swim and took the trucks back to society.
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