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Lobitos Lobitos is a small settlement of a thousand inhabitants in northern Peru, not far from the Ecuadorian border. The former fisherman village is nowadays one of the top surf spots in Peru, because of its constant mild, dry climate and its long and strong waves.

Even tough the temperature never drops below 20 °C during the day, the water in Lobitos is quiet cold. It is not impossible to swim but also not that nice, combined with a pretty windy coast its not the best place for beach vacations. If you want to spent some more time in the water without wetsuit you could try it a bit more northwards in Mancora or Los Organos. Both of them are not further than 50km, but the temperature of the water is way more pleasant because of another stream.

The life in Lobitos is very rustic and everybody knows each other, which makes it kind of charming. In the city center you can find a few shops for the very basics of food, drinks and hygiene articles. Besides that there is a guy who is daily delivering bread and cakes on a motorcycle, a fruit and vegetable truck that comes twice a week and at the pier you can buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen. The rest of Lobitos are mainly hostels, restaurants and surf rentals, usually without running water and a very very slow internet connection. Despite those establishments, Lobitos isn't a very touristic place. Besides some locals, surfers and people on the transit, there is not much going on, which makes it an awesome place to relax your body and mind. Around 2km southwards of the center there is a small mountain rage, with beautiful caves leading into the ocean. Apart from that and the nearby surf spots Baterias, Muelles, Generales, Piscinas and 3 Cruzes there is not too much to visit in the direct environment.

For grocery shopping the closest location would be Talara, which is reachable by the local minibuses (combis) for 3 soles (0,8€) in around half an hour. Talara offers a big daily market, several supermarkets, bakeries and internet cafes with a way better connection. If you are seeking for a party, Mancora is your place. You can reach it easily by taxi or combi from Talara in around an hour. Also hitchhiking works quiet good in this area, it took us less than 20 minutes to catch a ride to the surf and party capital of Peru. In Mancora you will find plenty of party hostels, clubs, bars and nice beaches to hang out. This, the relaxed environment and the proximity to Ecuador makes Lobitos to a profitable location to settle down for some time and escape from the daily travel routine.

Btw, if you're seeking for a nice and inexpensive place to stay we can really recommend you La Casona- a cozy beach hostel with awesome vibrations. We have been volunteering there for 3 weeks and the staff there is just awesome. The two chefs Luis and Joan of the adjacent restaurant Macchu will fix you the most tastiest and mouthwatering meals ever. Make sure that you try their Ceviche, Peru's national dish from raw fish, lemon and chilli.
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