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When we hear somebody talking about Italy first things that drop in our mind is a huge tasty pizza, Rome and the Colloseum. But that is just the top of the cherry pie.

Few years ago I was glad to spend my summer in Trento – a nice, small city in the north of Italy. I had this chance due to taking part in an ERSASMUS internship pragramm. If you are a student it is much easier to travel around Europe as there are plenty of programms that encourages students to gain international experience – either be enrolled as a student in foreign universities or doing an intership in an international company. Lucky to be, at the time of my application there was a place in a company located in Trento, so I took this chance without doubt.

Trento, being influenced by the close border with Austria through the Alpes, it combines the charismatic spirit of Italy with a romance for mountains and vineyards. In this place, far away from busy cities, you can almost feel the perfect balance between people and nature. My stay lasted from june to august, so I had the chance to fully experience southern summer, although the heat feels less strong in a place with reasonable humidity. In the mountains in the early afternoon the temperature can increase up to 45 degrees. You will never feel such a need to have a siesta like in this climate. Its a usual thing for shops to be closed during midday and afternoon, for this you will get the posibillity to shop utill late evening. So if you will go around 2-3 pm to grab some refreshing drinks don‘t be too much fascinated about the closed stores. Instead, have a siesta, and come back later.

If you are more an active leasure type, I would suggest you to visit the River del Garda – a pearl hidden in the mountains of north Italy. With a lake, which looks like the see surrounded by mountains, you will experience the true nirvana. You can reach the Lake from Trento by bus – the journey will be around one hour and costs from 7 to 9 euros. I can say it is totaly worth it to spend some time at this place. If you are searching for something more closer, you could go to Lago di Caldonazzo – another beautiful place with a lake located in a valley between mountains. You can reach it by train within half an hour from Trento train station for 3 euros per way. At a hot sunny day this might be the place to spend your whole day, laying at the beach and enjoying the sun.

In case you are seeking for something crazy and outstanding I could suggest you to visit one of the best amusements parks in Italy – the Gardaland. Gardaland is one of two biggeset amusements parks in Italy, with 7 roller coasters and many other rides and attractions. As it is really huge (the entire complex covers area for about 445 000 square meters) you should be prepared for long queues to the attractions. But if you are dedicated to see it anyways your experience will be something amazing.


In Trento itself you won‘t find any clubs, in favor there are lots of nice bars were you will find lots of students and young people. Another very common thing for locals is to chill outside just sitting on the ground and enjoying the company of friends. As its really hot in the day, the paved grounds keeps the heat in the night, which makes it perfect to sit on. As well, don‘t worry about dirt – streets are usually being washed with water to avoid dust.

I think Trento at the right time can become a nice place to gather. It can be crazy, can be drunk or can make you to think. Whenever you consider going there feel free to contact us for personal advice.





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