Because only chickpeas are boring


Hummus, is a popular appetizer in several mediterranean countries and the middle east. Its traditionally prepared with chickpeas and already found its way to restaurants in Europe and all over the world. We got the following recipe from our host Nageeb in San Rafael, Argentina, he's a great cook and thought us a lot about the arabic cuisine. Anyway here you can look up how to prepare one of the most amazing starters ever, high in proteins, vitamins and super delicious.


  • - a butternut squash
  • - 2 tbsp of Tahini (Sesame Paste)
  • - the juice of two lemons
  • - 6 garlic gloves
  • - a teaspoon of salt
  • - 2 teaspoon of cumin
  • - 2 dried hot chillies
  • - olive oil


Cut the butternut squash in halfs, spread some oil on it and add on each half one teaspoon of cumin. Put it on a tray and bake it on 140 degrees until its soft in the inside (more or less one hour). Take the squash out, remove the skin with a spoon and put the pulp into a blender. Add the Tahini, lemon juice, 2 garlic gloves, the salt, a good shot of oil and blend everything until you have a thick mass. The consistency at the end should be thick enough for the mixture to drip slowly off a spoon. You can add some water if its too viscous or too dry to blend.
Take the rest of the garlic and blend it with the chillies, some salt and olive oil for a spicy paste. Serve the hummus in a bowl, for decoration use the hot paste and some pickles or olives. it goes great together with pita bread or falafel. You can actually prepare it with different veggies, just let your imagination run free and try for example beetroots, aubergines, whatever comes to your mind or the classical version with chickpeas.