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In this column we provide a selection of blogs from travelers, hosts or persons we met on the way. The idea is to create a collection of travel blogs or other projects related to this topic from people all over the world.

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Camino por la pacha

Descubriendo el relato latinoamericano para un futuro sustentable


Camino por la pacha is the blog of our friend and fellow traveler Malte. We met him for the first time while hitchhiking in Uruguay and spent some time together in Cordoba, Argentina.

He's really dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable living, which made him traveling through latin america. On his way from Buenos Aires to Ecuador he lives and works together with different communities and organizations to create a better world. On his blog he provides different Interviews and stories about the participating people in form of short videoclips with the aim to publish a documentary about his trip in the end.

Anyway we wish him the best luck for that and an amazing and save trip to the north.

To find out more about him and his project he left us following article including the link to his page in the end:

I am interested in participating in the transition towards a just and sustainable future for our planet. Im pretty sure that probably already when I am going to be old the destruction could have reached a level that even those who are born privileged will live a life in misery.

There are already many solutions for our problems. Whats important is to convince the people to change their lives. To reconnect with neighbors and fellow earth inhabitants. Reconnect with the nature that provides us with what we need to live. Make them understand that their actions have consequences on everybody's future.

After I spent my voluntary service in Argentina in an ecology project, I studied nature conservation and land use management, which led me to strengthen that perception of the needs of this aspects. Still feeling connected to the continent on the other side of the atlantic, I felt that one concept of south america was very powerful in giving guidelines for the type of life that is necessary to reach a world in peace and abundance.

Pacha Mama is a concept of the indigenous people of Latin America that, if you ask me, proposes the best ways to solve our ecological and social problems. It´s based on feeling connected with every living thing in the cosmos. That one is a part of everything. If you are part of everything there are no more laws required. Ethics guide society. Because - how can you steal from yourself if you are your neighbor? How can you contaminate yourself if you are earth?

To study this concept and how it enters the lives of people I returned to Latin America, visiting projects and people who fight or create in order to protect the earth or human rights.

I met many special people and with them special stories. I feel honored to have the possibility to meet them and to be able to share my experiences too. I started in Buenos Aires and will travel through Chile, Bolivia, Peru to Ecuador. Everywhere I find people defending themselves and their homes against senseless capitalist destruction. All guided by the hope and the conviction of being part of all.

For the blog, follow this link.